Faith in the American System


Long but well thought out article which I tend to agree on the interpretations but not the conclusion.

I have heard the comparisons of the Trump campaign with the rise of Fascism in Europe and actually see the inclinations.  The article articulates them well, the inclination to violence, the pettiness, the work within one party but different from it none the less.

All that said I am not afraid of Trump actually becoming an American Hitler or Mussolini, and only slightly concerned with what could happen to the country during and after his presidency.

I am scared of where the country could end up at the end of 8 years with another Clinton in office.

Those statements are based on my faith in the american system and the ease with which the democrats seem to subvert it.  8 years with Clinton would surely end with a left leaning supreme court, only tempered if the Senate can stay in Republican hands.  8 years with Clinton would end with even more governmental overreach with persecution of demonized industries and classes.  I see no way in which 8 years of another Clinton would be good for the country and many which it would be worse.

What about a potential Trump presidency?   I firmly believe that the American system would stop the worst potentials.  Would he actually try for some sort of tyrannical extended rule?  I don’t really see that but even if he tried I don’t think it would work.  There are too many checks and balances still in place and he would face opposition from both sides of the isle, something  I would not be as sure of if an attempt was made from the left. There is too large a bureaucracy, military, etc for 8 years to be enough time to put enough people into enough key places to incite them to stand aside during a government takeover.

He could do significant damage to both our economy and our foreign relations in that time but even there the system is going to temper his inclinations or at least ability.  The flip side to that is that he may actually improve both.  This is especially true if he can get the established politicians involved to make his more fantastical ideas workable.  Strengthening our border is a good idea, if it can be paid for and actually accomplishes anything.  Toughening our stance to our enemies and competitors is a good idea, if it can be done with a little bit of diplomacy.  Changing the tax structure to encourage US companies to keep well paying jobs here is a good idea, if it can be done without short term tax losses and widening income gaps.

Finally I think of what a Trump win could do to our political system.  The writer of the article decries what the loss of our less than democratic checks and balances has lead to while praising losing them.  Perhaps a Trump win, and imagine a Sanders nomination as well, would be the best lesson to the masses that a certain amount of backroom dealing and limits to democracy are a good thing.  That elites should have some greater say in who gets chosen to lead, not just because they are elite and therefore entitled, but because their knowledge and experience allows them to see past the needs of the individual and to the needs of the nation.  Perhaps it would show that a humble servant is needed in government not a boastful leader.  I for one would welcome a return to Senators being chosen by state legislatures, to nominees being chosen, at least more so, by those already elected from that party.  Perhaps even some property or other test to voting rights.  All of this would return Presidential and Senatorial selection from a popularity contest of the masses, swayable by bread and circuses, to a more dignified contest to find the best leaders.  The masses of people would still have a say, in the forum they were originally designed to, the House of Representatives.


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