May God have mercy on our soul


First let me say that yes I voted for Trump.  I have a wide variety of reasons most of which fall into line with the other posts on this site.  That said I am in no way thrilled with that choice but for me there was no better option on the ballot.

So who is to blame for Trump.  I put it this way not in the assumption that he will be a horrible president but in the knowledge that he was a horrible choice as a candidate.  Part of my calculus in voting for him is the opinion that he could actually be a good president or at least that our country will be better off after his term.  Obviously Republicans have some of the blame in having not voted for any one of the other million people to have put their name up.  What psychology led to that though.  Here I lay the blame squarely at the feet of Democrats.  

For years they have claimed to be for the common man but at best seem to have no idea what a common man is.  They support unions but seem to only benefit the union bosses.  They push for easy loans for the working class but only increase banking profits and foreclosures.  They push for equality and fairness but only in the persons of those on the fringe of society alienating large swaths of the core of society.  Then if a common man with common values objects to anything they are vilified.  If they object to any of Obama’s proposals they are racist.  If they even consider a life in a womb as something to contemplate they are ‘waging a war on women’.  If they feel that a private business person should not be forced to participate in an occasion that their religion says is a sin then they are a homophobe.  Finally if they oppose a lying corrupt lifelong politician that happens to be a woman they must be a misogynist.  It’s the story of the boy who cried wolf.  Since the culture wars of the eighties and especially in the last few years the Democrats have repeatedly cried wolf, each time the common man looked around and saw no wolf, just more common men with common values.  It’s little surprise that when Democrats called a boorish lout a wolf the common man ignored them.


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