Old battles by new means


The way I see it there are two old battles being fought again today by different means. The oldest and more timely today is the Islamic conquest of Europe. As Islam was first spreading it took up the mantle of the old Persian empires and attempted to subdue Europe, first in the mid/near east then in Spain. At it’s high point Islamic rule existed into current Hungary and France. Slowly this situation was beaten back to the lines that settled out in the 19th Century. With the effective European colonization of the old Turkish empire via protectorates etc. the balance flowed back to the time of the Greek and Roman empires. Now what was initially a military conquest that was beaten back militarily has transformed into a ‘peaceful’ migration. Rather than rulers bringing Islam into Europe at the point of a sword the masses are bringing it in. The problem is they are bringing the sword as well.

Coincidentally in the the American south radical reconstruction, which failed and was beaten back 150 years ago is rearing it’s ugly head in a similar way. What could not be accomplished then by force of arms has been restarted by migration and subversion. Don’t get me wrong, I agree the south was beaten in the civil war and their primary flash point of a cause was wrong (chattel slavery.) However the valiantness of the fight and the rightness of the overall cause (states rights) combined to save the south and more importantly it’s culture from complete destruction. Now the south, just like the USA as a whole and western civilization in general is being flooded with an influx of population. In each case the flooding population is coming for one reason only, that it likes what it sees. It may be weather or economics but a lot of it is culture. The problem is that these flooding populations do not realize that and at best do not attempt to assimilate into that culture. At worst they are actively fighting to change it into what they came from.

Here’s a hint, if it was so good back home why did you come here.


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